The best e-liquids in Poland

At the 3 edition of Vape Expo Poland, which held 4-5 March in Warsaw was organized business-competition E-Liquids Awards, the purpose of which was to find out which e-liquids are the best on the Polish market.

22.03.2017 became our Partner is the world’s largest professional platform dedicated to commerce exchange for e-cigarettes and hookah.

Mateusz Cywka became our Coil Building master

We are pleasure to announce, that Mateusz Cywka became our coil builder at Coil Building Workshop. You can meet him in Workshop Zone in 5 of March at 12:00-16:00

FatThinVapes from UK support Vape Expo Poland

FatThinVapes will attend the third internetional e-cigarette exhibition Vape Expo Poland 2017! 

Jak będzie w e-paleniu supports Vape Expo Poland

Jak będzie w e-paleniu will attend Vape Expo Poland in March 4-5! We are a facebook group called "Jak będzie w e-paleniu" (How it will be in vaping), our name means not typical social forum but, a place where almost everybody can tell something about future of vaping or technical side of it. 

Vape & Trade Expo Ukraine

The main aim of Vape & Trade Expo is to create a perfect place for producers, commercial enterprises, and ordinary consumers to share the latest market innovations and to facilitate its further development.

CHEMNOVATIC becomes a Gold Exhibitor of Vape Expo Poland 2017

CHEMNOVATIC is an established manufacturer of the highest quality nicotine, nicotine bases, flavorings and e-cigarette liquids based in Poland. 

Vape PL attend Vape Expo Poland is a website dedicated to e-cigarettes. You'll find there reviews of the lastest hardware to vaping and liquids. In addiction,you will find there advice related to the topic of e-smoking. Check it out.

Vape Nation Poland support Vape Expo Poland 2017

Vape Nation Polska - a polish e-cigarette website, where you can find detailed guides for the beginners and the advanced vapers. We assist you in choosing the proper equipment, building your first coil and preparing DIY liquids. 

Oni Wapują became Vape Expo Poland media partner

We are pleasure to announce, that you can meet Oni Wapują team at The 3rd Vape Expo Poland in March 4-5!

Konrad Zborowski became a Mixing Liquids Master

We are pleasure to announce that Konrad Zborowski became a Mixing Liquids Master at The Third Vape Expo Poland. Here you can find some information about him.

E-Cigarette market in Poland. Key findings in EY Report.

In January 2017 Ernst & Young LLP prepare the Report “Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS): an update on a rapidly evolving vapour market”. We check it out and highlight key points about vape market in Poland.

Vape Tech Poland - polish vape youtuber

VapeTech Poland is the polish channel,created is by 3 young boys, where you will find everything what is connected with vaping - reviews up to clues about vaping tricks. Vaping became our great passion which accompanies us every day! 

Ian Fearon became a speaker at Vape Expo Poland

We are pleasure to announce that Ian Fearon became a speaker at Vape Expo Poland Conference. Ian is a Principal Scientist and Head of Clinical Research at British American Tobacco's central research and development centre in Southampton, U.K.

Michalina Świerczyńska became a speaker Vape Expo Poland

We are pleased to announce that Michalina Świerczyńska became Vape Expo Poland Conference speaker, and will tell about liquids with nicotine as chemical products, the necessary product documentation and obligations of entrepreneurs.

Wojtek Bieniek became a Coil Building master

Wojtek Bieniek - master of building coils in Poland. Meet him at Vape Expo Poland in March 4 in workshop area!

Piotr Kruszewski became a Mixing Liquids master

Piotr Kruszewski - Polish master of e-liquids mixing. At the third edition of Vape Expo Poland will be a Mixing Liquids Workshop master.

Rafal Nowak became a Mixing Liquids master

Rafal Nowak continues to work with the Vape Expo Poland and became a Mixing Liquids master. Here you can find out his story.

Adamik Vape - polish youtuber attends Vape Expo Poland

Meet polish youtuber Adamik Vape at Vape Expo Poland in March 4-5! On his channel I record the various guides, reviews the e-cigarettes and liquids. I try to do everything exactly his way. 

Kerran Vape supports Vape Expo Poland 2017

We invite you to meet the Kerran Vape - Polish vape-blogger who will visit Vape Expo Poland. Work, hobby, passion is everything combined in Vape. Knowledge and experience, I try to convey in the best way that the recipient of my materials could reach as much as possible. 

Ohm's Family supports Vape Expo Poland

Ohm's Family is a cohesive and open family . It is our pleasure to share with you Vape News, e-Liquid Recipes and to help each other using YouTube, VK fanpage, Instagram Twitter and Periscope.

Proud to Vape supports Vape Expo Poland

Owners of the Proud to Vape will attend Vape Expo Poland in March 4-5! We are a small but very friendly bunch. We try to jointly solve every problem. Help in choosing the right equipment. We care about the awareness of safe use of e cigarette.

Parcie na Pare supports Vape Expo Poland 2017

Parcie na Pare - it's polish community created by coil builder. Find out more about owner of community here.

Ness boxmod will attend Vape Expo Poland

NESS - young people with passion and interest create manufacture. Each of our mod is different, each folded by hand, which makes our products unique.

Milosz Maj became a Mixing Liquids master

Milosz May became a Mixing Liquids master. Read the brief information about him. See you at the Mixing Liquids workshop! The workshop will be held two days (March 4 and 5) from 12:00 to 16:00.

BelVaping supports Vape Expo Poland

Belarus Vaping Community Forum - its young internet project dedicated e-cigarettes, e-liquids and other vaping topics. Since 2015 BelVaping is first independent e-cigarette forum in Belarus, creates by vapers for vapers. 

Vape Club Latvia wrote about Vape Expo Poland

Vape Club Latvia - first official vape community in Latvia. It's registered community and it brings together both of general vapers (consumers) and vape companies (business). 

Vapor Dynasty Expo supports Vape Expo Poland

We are pleasure to announce, that the Vapor Dynasty Expo became our media partner. Find out more about exhibition on their official website:

Coil Brothers - the masters of Coil Building Workshop

69poison69 - old-line coilamster, whole days and nights spending designing new dript tips and miracle accessories for our vaping stuff he creating in his minds new types of coils. Absolute perfectionist if going to create setup or rewicik atommizer. For shure we can put label of artificier on him althought one ofe the most experienced in Poland

Tabacznik suppors Vape Expo Poland

Tabacznik - one of the first and most experienced vape vlogers on polish youtube stage. On his revives he get it all on thoroughness - describing products straitght with specification also subjective and objective opinion helps potential customer with decision process during choosing products. Many worldwide producers from E-cigarette industry trusted him. Trust him too!

TOP 12 Vaping quotes in Europe

Here you can find quotes about vaping in Europe by famous and important people in vaping. We share it - you think about it.

The rules of Cloud Contest at Vape Expo Poland

We know that everyone wants to see at the fair Cloud Contest. At the 3 edition Vape Expo Poland you also  will have the opportunity to participate in this attraction for professional vapers.

Top 5 relationship tips for vape business

At the 2nd Vape Expo poland Conference Andy Logan (Vape emporium owner) told about strategic and relationship tips for vape business.

TPD IN POLAND. The requirements for package

At the 2nd Vape Expo Poland Estera Józefowicz, representative ESmoking Association, was a speaker at our Conference. In two previous articles we have already said about the speaker, technical requirements and the notification process for the e-ciagrette products according to TPD. Now we tell you about packaging requirements.

Short info about Vape Expo Poland

What you need to know about Vape Expo Poland in 2017? Formalities. Workshops. Conference.

10 steps how to make the first sale through Instagram

10 steps how to make the first sale through Instagram. The formula of high degree of sales through Instagram. Practical examples. Limits for liking, following and unsubscribe. 

TPD IN POLAND. Technical requirements.

The most important information about implementation TPD in Poland. In this article we will share info about technical requirements for e-cigarettes and e-liquids in Poland.

Vape Mods Fanatic Trade supports Vape Expo Poland

Group is to bring together users of e-cigarettes, both new and more advanced. Help in choosing the equipment, advise the appropriate power and evaporators in line with what you expect. We share not only the rules, but also ready liquidami. We rely on frequent meetings and tests new products on the market.. 

Coil Building Workshop

This year's workshop will be organized on both days 4 and 5 March 2017. From 12:00 to 16:00, our teachers will be showed to you the most important things in the coil building.

Vape Expo Poland partners

In this article we want tell about some of our media partners. Here we will give you short vape magazines description, where you can get a lot of interesting information about EIN, vaping, new legislation, news from the vape business world.

TOP-17 vaping quotes

Here you can find quotes about vaping by famous and important people in vaping and medicine. Dr. Paul Newhouse, Prof Peter Killeen, R West, Dr K Farsalinos, Prof Hajek, Prof B Rodu, Dr C Phillips, Prof R Polosa, Prof M Siegel, Prof John Britton, Prof J F Etter, C Snowdon - we hope that you know this persons and their studies.

THETA Doradztwo Techniczne it’s a leading consulting company

THETA Doradztwo Techniczne it’s a leading consulting company, present on the market for more than 15 years, conducting its business in the field of the chemical products EU legislation. Within the framework of supporting the companies – manufacturers, exporters, importers and  distributors – in the electronic cigarette industry, we offer:

Mirek Kornaszewski – polish coil builder

At The Third Vape Expo Poland we will organize Coil Building workshops, where our teachers will be tell and show how to build coils. You can improve your practice skills in coil building.

How to increase sales in vape business for 18 hours due to Instagram

For attendees of the conference, he made a report on Sales and vaping culture in Instagram. Ilya analyzed vape market basing on Instagram and told how to build strategy for a vape shop in the social network absolutely free. He told about the formula of calculation of user involvement in the account:

TPD in Poland. Notification. Estera Jozefowicz told about new regulations in Poland.

What you need to know about notification: Notification costs. Application fee shall be in the amount of average monthly salary in enterprise sector: 50% of the fee - for medium-sized enterprises, 30% of the fee - in the case of small and micro-enterprises.

Research costs.  Emissions tests and toxicological tests from several to tens of thousands PLN for product


Future for the e-cigarette industry in a newly regulated Europe

David Attwood, Market Analysis and Consulting Director from ECigIntelligence, told about future for the e-cigarette industry in a newly regulated Europe at Vape Expo Poland Conference, taking place in September 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

Andy Logan (Vape Emporium owner) told about vape business strategy at the 2nd Vape Expo Poland in September, 9-10.

In September 2016 Andy Logan told about vape business strategy at the Vape Conference in Warsaw at the Vape Expo Poland. He told about the key strategic and relationship tips, which can help you to develop your business strategy or launch your new successful vape project.

Vape China Expo organizers support Vape Expo Poland

Lear more about one of the biggest vape expo in the world.  Vapor Expo in China concentrating on investment, distribution, terminal experience and industry communications.

Every Day Vape On attends Vape Expo Poland

Polish e-cigarette community Every Day Vape On will attend The Third Vape Expo Poland in March 4-5, PTAK Warsaw Expo.

Vape Place Poland support Vape Expo Poland

One of the biggest vape group in Poland support The 3rd International E-Cigarette Exhibition Vape Expo Poland!

2nd addition of Ukrainian Vapor Week 18-19 March 2017

Ukrainian Vapor Week or UVweek will be largest 2nd Ukrainian's international vaping exhibition that brings together industry-leading vape exhibitors from all over the world.

Show program announced

We prepare a full-day program for your business. You can find practical workshops, seminars and advices for your business in our special zones:

EsVape continued partnership

On our fanpage we share information about new products and innovations on the e-cigarette market. 

PGVG Magazine write about Vape Expo Poland

PGVG Magazine is a 100% free magazine sent every two months to all shops, e-liquid and e-cigarette manufacturers in 8 french speaking countries.

Vaping Post supports Vape Expo Poland

Vaping Post is your international vaping news, articles and reviews website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and information straight from the vaping world.

ChurnMag magazine wrote about Vape Expo Poland is an internet electronic cigarette source, providing the latest news and features from the e-cig industry. 

Vapouround magazine supports Vape Expo Poland

We are pleasure to announce, that Vapouround Magazine also attend our exhibition in March 4-5, 2017.

Vapor World continue partnership with Vape Expo Poland

Vapor World magazine is published quarterly by Newsteel Media and Shenzhen Electronic Cigarett Association. 

20.08.2017 becomes our partner has been on the vaping scene since 2010 and one of the first vaping specific blogs in the UK. 

What do you know about vaping in Japan?

We are pleasure to recommend you a great Japan media resource – Japan Vape TV, which is popular in Japan and becomes Vape Expo Poland new media partner.

GuideToVaping writes about Vape Expo Poland is the longest running active blog on the web.  It was the second blog ever created about vaping, receiving nearly 8 million page visits since 2011. 

Exhibitor benefits at the 3rd Vape Expo Poland

Why you can attend or book a booth on this event? You can find some benefits in the list below.

20.08.2017 - business portal is a Polish website publishing reliable reviews, announcements of the latest products and useful guides.

3rd Reed Huabo Vape Expo

We are excited to announce that Reed Huabo Exhibitions company continue to support Vape Expo Poland! 

The 3rd Vape Expo Poland

The Third Vape Expo Poland is the professional vaping trade show. This Vape Expo Poland edition will take place 4-5 of March in PTAK Warsaw Expo.

The Handmade Gallery is open!

Vape Expo Poland pleased to announce a special creative area at The 2nd International e-cigarette exhibition in Poland - The Handmade Gallery.

Meet our new Media Partner!

Vape Expo Poland become a partner with Reed Hiabo Exhibitions, the biggest vape events organizer in China!

Short Vape Expo Poland post report

4 and 5 March in Warsaw, Poland took place Vape Expo Poland the first international exhibition of electronic cigarettes. The trade show has established itself as the significant business event in the industry in Poland.

2nd Vape Expo Poland returns to Warsaw!

Vape Expo Poland returns to Warsaw in 9-10 September 2016 as the leading electronic cigarette and vaping expo in the Poland.

Polish e-cigarette market is the 3rd in the world!

Despite reports of e-cigarette sales declining last year, official UOKIK data shows that the market is still growing at a very fast pace.

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