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Tutaj można znaleźć cytaty o vapingu znanych i ważnych ludzi w dziedzinie vapingu i medycynie. Dr Paul Newhouse, Prof Piotr Killeen, R West, Dr K Farsalinos prof Hajek, Prof B Rodu dr C Phillips, Prof R Polosa, prof M Siegel, profesor John Britton, Prof JF Etter, C Snowdon - mamy nadzieję, że znacie te osoby oraz ich pracy.



  1. "It seems very safe even in nonsmokers," on mówi. "In our studies we find it actually reduces blood pressure chronically. And there were no addiction or withdrawal problems, and nobody started smoking cigarettes. The risk of addiction to nicotine alone is virtually nil." - Dr. Paul Newhouse. Director,  Vanderbilt University Center for Cognitive Medicine
  2. "Studies have shown that none of the nicotine replacement therapies - chewing gum, inhalers, patches - none of those are addictive. Nicotine is not addictive. The cause of addiction is the release of monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or MAOIs, along with nicotine." - Prof Peter Killeen. Emeritus Professor of Psychology, ASU
  3. "Addiction these days is a term usually used to refer to a chronic condition in which there is repeated powerful motivation to engage in a purposeful behaviour (usually involving a psychoactive drug) that is or can be harmful." - R West.
  4. "Nicotine does not cause heart disease or cancer." - Dr K Farsalinos. Consultant cardiologist
  5. "Addiction to nicotine has never caused harm to the user or to bystanders. That is why NRT products are now recommended by the FDA and the MHRA as long-term substitutes for smoking." - Dr K Farsalinos
  6. "Compared to a range of dangerous non-nicotine chemicals in tobacco smoke, nicotine is relatively harmless, except in pregnancy and in some rare conditions." - Prof Hajek
  7. "Nicotine is not the major cause of any disease associated with smoking; it’s comparable to caffeine, which is highly addictive but safely consumed in coffee, tea and cola." - Prof B Rodu. Professor of Medicine, oral pathology specialist
  8. "Switching is so close as good as quitting that from a health point of view there is no point in worrying about the difference." - Dr C Phillips
  9. "The risk is negligible and compared with smoking, there is no contest." - Prof R West
  10. "In exposure terms, quitting equates to switching to the e-cig." - Prof R Polosa
  11. "We have such a massive opportunity here. It would be a shame to let it slip away by being overly cautious. E-cigarettes are about as safe as you can get." - Prof P Hajek
  12. "Determining that a tobacco-free nicotine-delivering product is safer than a product that delivers nicotine with thousands of tobacco smoke constituents is a fact of basic science, and anyone who challenges such a notion would probably benefit from a remedial course in basic sciences." - Prof M Siegel
  13. "E-cigarettes are probably about as safe as drinking coffee." - Prof R West
  14. "If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize." - Prof John Britton. Chair, Tobacco Advisory Group, Royal College of Physicians
  15. "If, on a population scale, smokers switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, there will be an enormous public health benefit." - Prof P Hajek
  16. “The e-cigarette is a tsunami - you cannot stop it with a law.” - Prof J F Etter
  17. "When you can't govern, legislate." - C Snowdon

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